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better with Dejaci

Scented Distilled H2O Fragrance Oil

Made with natural Herbs, fruit, dried flowers, and the finest fragrance oils with no harmful substances such as paraben, phthalate, and many others. This H2O Fragrance oil is intended to be used in an ultra-sonic diffuser.


Unwanted odors in our living spaces are a nuisance. We are always looking for ways to neutralize those unwanted odors and freshen up our environment. After years of experimentation and development, Dejaci Home Fragrance brings you a better solution to an old problem. Whether you’re combating pet odors, cooking smell or simply looking for a fresh and fragrant atmosphere, Dejaci Home fragrance is here for you.

Dejaci’s innovative Fragrance mixtures and recipes provide new and exciting fresh aromas with hints of familiarity. It offers freshness that makes you smile when you walk into a room and entices you to breathe deeply and relax. A fresh and fragrant living or work space will immediately put everyone at ease and may very well enhance your mood positively.

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